Love is that the most universally sought, most profoundly cherished, the foremost humanly pursued element within the universe. Yet, it’s the foremost abused, misunderstood, undervalued commodity altogether of human existence. Why? Why, because we are all totally stupid, we will not even separate emotion from love. we expect nice is loving, we expect good is lovable. No wonder relationships are becoming shorter. How can we affect this?

Here are 22 suggestions which will turn the tide in your life and therefore the lives of anyone who chooses to read and follow them…

Rule One…Live with Love

One day, you search , and there it’s , the foremost beautiful sight your eyes have ever seen. you’re lost, caught in a frenzy , there’s no choice, it happens. therein one brief moment in time you’re crazy . the foremost beautiful experience of life and therein moment you’re changed forever. Nothing happened to cause it. You fell. once you least expected it, there before your eyes, the eternity opened, you fell into love. Whether it lasts one second, one week or a lifetime this love is precious, a treasure to be absolutely revered.   성인용품사이트

Rule Two…Be amorously

In the whole of the universe, every molecule features a place, a role, a gift. If you’ll just be thankful for what you’ve got , for the blessing of life itself, to remind yourself of how lucky you’re , then your whole life would change in only that one acknowledgement. We complain about love only because we expect more and more. But we forget how lucky we are. Once you see the gift of your life, your heart will open again, your youthfulness will shine, your energy becomes infectious and your health just takes a leap. Music sounds different and life, sort of a springtime flower, just opens, and opens and opens. Stay humble to the gift and count your blessings.

Rule Three…A Partnership amorously

Sacred Love means falling crazy forever, you will see stars and moons and heavens nightly you select , nothing can stop you, nothing can get in your way and your lover are going to be magnetized, because you’ll have a purpose to share, greater than the both of you. The Universal Laws of nature, let your arms fold round the heart of your lover, and feel absolutely the delight of a love which will last forever. Feel crazy forever, like there is no tomorrow or yesterday or today. Inspired, you let your love become a moonbeam to forever, and let dreams be dreams all day. Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it. Your love is just too precious to be sacrificed defending menial emotions, like hate, jealously, and envy. Your life is fragile, to remain open crazy , guard it carefully. Only the universe of Nature can create the magnificence of a flower, but any foolish mind can pull it to pieces.

Rule Four…Power your life amorously .

You are born to like . Without the facility of affection , we will only follow our ego and therefore the desires of the planet . roll in the hay a priority. Without the centering power of affection recognized by the guts , we suffer fragmentation, dispersion within the multiplicity. to figure on transforming the ego are often a tedious and discouraging process. To contain it with laws and codes is temporary and artificial . But if we bring the ego, the intellect, and therefore the emotions into the boundlessness of the guts , this places them during a truer context. to look at them aside from the guts is to look at them during a partial or distorted context. Much of our human foolishness is that the results of our mind and feelings. Being divorced from our hearts, divorced from our love. an important practice is to bring the mind down into the guts , to submerge it within the heart space, and thus to bring reason and heart into unity.

Rule Five…Grow amorously Everyday

Grow your love a day . Whenever you create an error or feel downed by love, don’t reminisce at it too long. Learn to maneuver it to like . Challenges are life’s way of teaching you. Your capacity to like through challenge is inseparable from your capacity to succeed in the upper heights of affection . there’s always another challenge, and your downers, once they happen, are just a part of your sacred opportunity, given by your creator, for growth. Grow through your challenges. Nobody does to you quite you are doing to yourself. Never quit. Love is there, never walk off without love in your heart.

Rule Six…Celebrate Life amorously

Grow from life. look for the balance of excellent in every adversity and for adversity in every good. Master these universal laws of nature, even this one principle of balance and you’ll own a precious light, a light-weight that turns any blockage into love, a truth which will guard your commitment to like . Never be right, will you learn things in adversity that you simply would never have discovered without challenge. there’s always a balance, and find that balance you thrive.


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